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I worked with a teammate to pitch and design a new navigation system that would be more scalable and feel more modern like a web application.

  • Pitch to get funding
  • Building HTML prototypes for testing with rapid iteration
  • Massive amounts of visual design iterations and variations



We started doing research on how the market was handling app-like navigations on the web as well as the limitations of each system. We had a strong hypothesis that a left navigation would best feed the business and user needs.

Research & Testing

User research was done to understand common room setups and why some hotel partners needed such complex setups. Based on this research I designed wireframes to test the business requirements against hotel partner and shopper requirements.

We tested 3 different HTML prototypes with various navigation styles: top navigation with top level pages, top navigation with click drop down menus instead of hover, left navigation with accordion menus (prototypes unavailable at this time).

The results were that the left navigation tested well without many issues besides the information hierarchy, which we had planned to address alongside the implementation of a new navigation.

Visual Design

Many, many, many, many iterations and variations of the navigation were done: structure, additional menu information, light vs. dark, and more.

The navigation rolled out to all users over time and was a great improvement for the information architecture of the site. The navigation continues to evolve.


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