Room Setup

I redesigned the beds and occupancy setup configuration to support complex, but restricted, configurations to better improve the end experience for travelers.

  • Balance of user needs and business requirements
  • Prototyping for testing and rapid iteration
  • MVP based on technical and time constraints



The current UI and business logic allowed hotel partners, our users, to setup their rooms in such a way that could create a negative experience for the shoppers on Users had the capability of making a room not have a set bed availability, for example: 1 king bed or 2 queen beds or 2 double beds could be a single booking for shoppers.

We needed to adjust business logic and the UI to be more friendly towards shoppers but still give hotel partners the ability to be flexible with room bookings.

Wireframing & Testing

User research was done to understand common room setups and why some hotel partners needed such complex setups. Based on this research I designed wireframes to test the business requirements against hotel partner and shopper requirements.

I created a complex invision prototype following a research script to test these new setups for hotel partners. We iterated on the design and tested multiple times.


After testing we moved forward with a design the team was confident in and into final interaction and visual design refinement.

The engineering estimate was too long for the timeline so we had to simplify the layout for an MVP, of which UX was not very happy with.


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