Partner Score

I designed an entirely new product feature that involved displaying complex data in an easy to understand way so that our expectations of the hotel partners would become more transparent.

  • Wireframing and prototyping
  • Complex data visualization
  • Iterations based on stakeholder and user feedback



Quality score was always a data point going on in the background of keeping track of who was a good partner and who wasn't. However, it had not been surfaced to the hotel partner until this project. I worked with product owners to translate the complex business model into a user story.

User research was done to understand how competitors in the market were handling their score from both a business model and user perspective. We found that our score system was simpler in that it had only one score, but the score itself was more involved.

Through this research, and researching market scores in general, we found the biggest similarity in our model to be that of a credit score. There are factors that influence in different ways and different weights. Now how to explain that to our users?

The first step in designing out this complex page was not to wireframe, rather to do even more research and learning on data visualization and best practices. This also sparked a team-wide standards for data visualization being set on the research done for this project.

Wireframing & Testing

With all of the research and data visualization learnings under my belt I started with the basics: what is the most important thing for the user to see on the page? Nailing down the content heiarachy was the most important structural step, as there would be a lot on the page vying for the user's attention.

Early rounds of data visualization and content for each module, as well as where they'd go, were necessary to work through the balance of business requirements and user needs.

We put these low fidelity mockups in front of a few users to see how they comprended the data. Iterations were made based on this feedback.

Visual Design

As I worked through the final visual design, we continued to evolve the graph for clarity and reducing preceived complexity.

Due to the technical complexity of the graph and desire to launch page sooner rather than later, the page was stripped down for an MVP launch, which unfortunately drastically changed the story of the page, since it was entirely built around the score number and the details that the graph gave. Eventually a simplified graph was added to the page.


Through months of stakeholder and user feedback there came a desire to make the page more about the positive things you've done, and less about the negative.

Instead of just adding a new indicator to the page I revisited the initial story as a whole and evolved it to include these new score enhancers.

The primary focus being on explaining what you've done well and what you can do to keep increasing your score.

This version of the site tested very well and is well regarded by stakeholders.


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