Managing Inventory

I worked through iterating on a new tool through added features and functionality so it could replace an old tool and still be useful.

  • Iterations and concepts based on user testing and feedback
  • Supporting engineering through enhancements and performance
  • Pitching a north star to provide best experience possible



The tool was originally designed by a teammate and tested extensively with users. It tested extremely well for its goal: easily updating rates and availability across a few days. However, as time went on, it became apparent that the all of the old tools needed to be deprecated and this tool would have to fill in the gaps of the old tool, despite not being designed for that complexity initially.


Adding complex data points to a simple tool was incredibly challenging. Trying to maintain the simplicity and ease of use while also not adding anything that would cost too much in engineering time was a true test.

I would consistently offer new ways of improving the tool in small ways as we added new features. We listened to user feedback along the way and added features: filling the screen with as many days as would fit, ability to see more data points, ability to close out a room or rate plan, and more.

As we were getting closer to deprecating the old tool I proposed ways of improving the implementation as well as performance.

Version Next

With the old tool almost completely integrated in the existing one, we knew we had to start over in order to do it right from the beginning. The front-end engineering of the page was not flexible to changing the layout or adding in many improvements that the tool needed, which required us to go back to the drawing board.

After months of working side by side with engineering we came up with a tool we were proud of and ready to test, that wasn’t too far off from what we already had live.

As it turned out, deprecation was going to continue to take up the engineers time for the next 8 months and this new version wasn’t going to see the light of day, but we wouldn't let our learnings or ideas go to waste.

North Star

I decided to pull an audible and propose putting resources on a true north star of the entire rates and availability system based on all of our current research as well as the future goals for changing how the system works.

The pitch was well regarded and resources started pouring in for the north star. I worked through some heavy competitor analysis and initial property persona setups to make sure we were building a tool and system that would work for even the most complex property setups.

Concept Design

More concepts were worked on for enhancing the current tool and adding additional features to make their daily lives easier.

System Design

From this point we had a multi-discipline sprint of work done to figure out the rates and availability system as a whole. I worked to find out what the most common workflow would be based on the use cases provided by research.

I started to figure out what the structure would be for the hub and editing tool from a system level view.

This project is still under development.


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