Hi, I'm Tabitha! I'm a UX and product designer, and storyteller.


I pride myself in my love of these key elements to what I do.


Design is more than just making a pretty picture. Everything has purpose: evoke a specific feeling, encourage an interaction, create a conversion. Design is more than an artform, it's also a psychological process.

User Centered Design

Designing products that are focused around how users want to use them from the ground up is the key to a great user experience. Grounding all of my work in user feedback and research is how I create engaging, user focused experiences. There is also a skill in balancing user needs with technical and business requirements, which are also important, and sometimes forgotten.

Design Goggles

My interest in design doesn't stop at the workplace either. Whenever I look at anything; menus, billboards, labels, ads, I think about the process that went into creating them. I have dubbed these my "design goggles." I use them to learn more about things that may or may not work in design and come up with ways to utilize the good things in my work and avoid the bad things.

Video Games

I have been an avid gamer since I was very young and my passion for video games has only grown over the years. There are many things that I bring from my experiences in gaming to my work: complex menu systems, heavy interaction design, intuitive UI, data feedback, and more.

Product Design

I've worked on a broad range of projects that started in various stages from research and requirements to delivery and iteration. Currently my focus is on solving incredibly complex problems for hotel partners to optimize their work flows while balancing business requirements.

Partner Score

I designed an entirely new product feature that involved displaying complex data in an easy to understand way so that our expectations of the hotel partners would become more transparent.

  • Wireframing and prototyping
  • Complex data visualization
  • Iterations based on stakeholder and user feedback
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Managing Inventory

I worked through iterating on a new tool through added features and functionality so it could replace an old tool and still be useful.

  • Iterations and concepts based on user testing and feedback
  • Supporting engineering through enhancements and performance
  • Pitching a north star to provide best experience possible
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Room Setup

I redesigned the beds and occupancy setup configuration to support complex, but restricted, configurations to better improve the end experience for travelers.

  • Balance of user needs and business requirements
  • Prototyping for testing and rapid iteration
  • MVP based on technical and time constraints
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Site Navigation

I worked with a teammate to pitch and design a new navigation system that would be more scalable and feel more modern like a web application.

  • Pitch to get funding
  • Building HTML prototypes for testing with rapid iteration
  • Massive amounts of visual design iterations and variations
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I have a very particular set of skills.



These people think that I'm pretty great too!

Tabitha is a passionate and technical user-centered designer, the type of person you can trust with important projects. I've worked with her on several complicated large-scale initiatives, which she successfully completed from concept to execution. Tabitha is skilled in both visual and interaction design and excels at defining a problem space and working through a wide variety of possible solutions. She works hard to understand constraints and produce measurable results. I appreciate her drive to improve her own and her team’s design skills. I recommend Tabitha for teams working in complicated spaces seeking a high-performing senior level designer.

Brad Monahan
Design Leadership at Expedia

Tabitha is a highly recommended and talented interactive web designer with excellent interpersonal, communication and problem solving skills. A team player that goes above and beyond the assigned tasks to deliver great quality work while working on a fast-paced environment. She has experience working with clients such as Proctor and Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, and Clorox to name a few. Her professionalism, work ethic and level of commitment makes Tabitha a great addition to any team.

Edgar Zabaleta
Art Director at Triad Retail Media

Tabitha was a pleasure to work with and have as a part of our design team. She is creative, talented and fun to work with. She brought a lot of creative thought to her work, pulling in examples from other mediums to try to push her creative work. I'm happy to recommend her and think she is a great fit for any organization.

Pete Bernardo
EVP, User Experience at 352

Triad received a Gold Addy award for a brand page that I designed for Hidden Valley Ranch & Daisy Sour Cream located on Walmart.com.

Gold Addy


I look forward to hearing from you!

Message me on LinkedIn or send me an email at tabithakarcher@gmail.com

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