Hi, I'm Tabitha! I am a self starting interactive designer and front-end developer and this is my story.


I pride myself in my love of these key elements to what I do.

I have been an avid gamer since I was a small child and my passion for video games has only grown over the years. There are many things that I bring from my experiences in gaming to my work in terms of concepts like interactivity and UI.

My interest in design doesn't stop at the workplace either. Whenever I look at anything; menus, billboards, labels, ads, I think about the creation process that went into creating them. I have dubbed these my "design goggles." I use them to learn more about things that may or may not work in design and come up with ways to utilize the good things in my work and avoid the bad things.


I've had the privilege of working with these great brands and so many more. Examples are in the next section, contact me for more!


Websites and brand pages that I have worked on and am proud of.

American Jobs website thumbnail Berocca website thumbnail Listerine website thumbnail Hidden Valley and Daisy Sour Cream website thumbnail All Childrens Hospital website thumbnail Pet Caring website thumbnail Dr Soto website thumbnail Hope Paige website thumbnail

American Jobs

American Jobs screenshot 1


This project was given to us with a completed design from the client's design agency. Another front-end developer and I were tasked with creating an animated and interactive experience that included parallax elements to engage the users and tell the client's story. These screen grabs don't do the page justice, it's a lot of fun to interact with!

American Jobs was created in June, 2014 while at Triad for Procter & Gamble to be featured on Walmart.com.


I worked on research and development to find a method or plugin that would work within the Walmart site on desktop computers as well as tablets. This turned out to be a difficult feat and required a lot of testing, but a solution was found. The project was also on a very tight deadline for the features the client wanted to use, which caused the page to not be optimized, but we implemented a load screen to create a better user experience for the long load time.

American Jobs screenshot 2
American Jobs screenshot 3

My part

Once the plugin for parallax was tried and tested, I was tasked with the front-end development. This included utilizing JavaScript and jQuery plugins, as well as custom written code, to get the site to work as desired.

I worked alongside another developer in order to meet deadlines and he also assisted with some more complex JavaScript coding. Lessons learned from this project were utilized on future projects.


Berocca screenshot 1


I created this project from design concept to final development. The page features parallax scrolling techniques that I learned while working on previous projects. I added just enough to bring the page to life without overwhelming the user.

The design sports many elements from the supplier's national branding and ties it all together into the page to create a cohesive experience for the user.

Berocca was created in July, 2014 while at Triad to be featured on Walmart.com.

Hidden Valley Ranch and Daisy Sour Cream

Hidden Valley Ranch and Daisy Sour Cream screenshot 1


The 'pinterest style' utilized on this page fit the content of all recipes very well. It allowed me to create an interface that would be familiar to users. I took care in the cropping of recipe images in such a way to be sure they were impactful. The large image in the modal window was used to generate desire in the user to make the recipe; to make them hungry!

I used subtle CSS3 animations when hovering and opening the modal window in certain browsers to add just a little bit of fun for the users and keep their attention. These subtle animations can also make a page feel more lifelike and less like a static page on their monitors. I utilized the blue gradient from the Hidden Valley logo to bring the personal branding to life on the page. Blue was also a mutual color between the two brands and made for a nice harmony.

This project received Triad's only Gold Addy at the 2013 Addy Awards!

The Hidden Valley Ranch and Daisy Sour Cream page was created during Februray 2014 while at Triad to be featured on Walmart.com.


Listerine screenshot 1


I'm featuring this project because it was my first at Triad. It may not the be the most well designed, and certainly not optimized, but I learned so much from the creation and revisions on this page that I felt it had to be discussed. This project was given to me as a simple page similar to other pages that had been built at Triad before, and boy did it evolve!

I thoroughly enjoyed tying in brand elements from their package design into the website and creating a realistic environment for the bottles to live on.

The Listerine page was created during June 2013 while at Triad to be featured on Walmart.com.


I was very ambitious with my description pop-outs that show up when each product is clicked on. I had never worked too extensively with jQuery or JavaScript myself and I managed to figure out a way to do what I had envisioned with the products. It took a lot of testing and scrapping, but I got there!

During revisions when the supplier wanted to add more content and change some content around, I learned the importance of keeping a page flexible and open to dynamic content; both in design and coding.

Listerine screenshot 2
Listerine screenshot 3


I thoroughly enjoyed tying in brand elements from their package design into the website and creating a realistic environment for the bottles to live on. I feel that overall the page is certainly successful and still live on the Walmart site a year later.

The Listerine page was created during June 2013 while at Triad to be featured on Walmart.com.


I have a very particular set of skills.



These people think that I'm pretty great too!

Tabitha is a highly recommended and talented interactive web designer with excellent interpersonal, communication and problem solving skills. A team player that goes above and beyond the assigned tasks to deliver great quality work while working on a fast-paced environment. She has experience working with clients such as Proctor and Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, and Clorox to name a few. Her professionalism, work ethic and level of commitment makes Tabitha a great addition to any team.

Edgar Zabaleta
Art Director at Triad Retail Media

Tabitha was a pleasure to work with and have as a part of our design team. She is creative, talented and fun to work with. She brought a lot of creative thought to her work, pulling in examples from other mediums to try to push her creative work. I'm happy to recommend her and think she is a great fit for any organization.

Pete Bernardo
EVP, User Experience at 352

Tabitha is eager to learn, a quick study and very resourceful. She's turning out thoughtful designs and clean, compliant code. She's picking up new techniques very, very quickly and knows where to turn to solve problems. She's passionate about the web design industry and is looking at a successful future there!

Andi Graham
Principal at Big Sea

Triad received a Gold Addy award for a brand page that I designed for Hidden Valley Ranch & Daisy Sour Cream located on Walmart.com.

Gold Addy


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